About Us

Barrelhouse Blues Band creates the music and vibe to have a great time through music, dancing, carrying on and any kind of shennigans that gets us and the venue into a feel good, party mood.  The hooligans in the band live to get into the music and see everyone having as good a time as we are.

If you're lookin' to have a carefree night of solid Blues music at some great venues, then come out and spend an evening with us and our friends.  We'll be playin' our butts off to give you something to dance, groove, shake your booty to, and generally cut loose with a bunch of folks just like you who are there to do the same!

We book our gigs throughout Delaware, Eastern Maryland, Southeast PA, the Eastern Shore, and the beach areas.  And we continue to be available for worthy benefits, Sign Us Up!

Barrelhouse plays a solid mix of covers from Muddy Waters, SRV, Albert Castiglia, Jimmy Thackery, Tab Benoit, ZZ Top, Cream, Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, Gary Moore, Walter Trout, Albert Cummings, Jeff Healey, and other favorites.

Barrelhouse is "Choo Choo" Charlie Rickner (lead vocals/harmonica/on stage antics), Joe Antonio (drums), Chris Miller (bass),and Tommy Noland (guitar/vocals).


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